Paul Heathcote "Scene From The Water's Edge"

Scene from the Water’s Edge was first exhibited at the Sock Gallery, Loughborough in 2016.

The exhibition coincided with a very difficult personal time in my life. This, combined with the overwhelming support for the exhibition and the very kind words spoken and written about the story behind the images, made me want to commemorate the moment with a number of limited edition, handmade books. The basis of the book was to show the exhibition images and the story behind them in a similar layout to the exhibition as a lasting memory to the work.

The Story

It all started many years ago, sat on the water’s edge with fishing rod in one hand, marmite sandwich in the other. Only catching the odd small fish but just happy to be sat by the water with my mum and brother, come rain or shine. That magical feeling when you start to be at one with the surroundings, noticing kingfishers and other great wildlife getting ever closer to you as you start to blend in with the surroundings. For years I have enjoyed the peace and serenity that can be found next to the water, regardless of the size of the water and whether or not it is natural or manmade.

Regardless of where I go with my camera I always find myself drawn to the water, scrambling down an embankment (and often falling in!) to get right on the water’s edge. It is here that you see the water and surrounding landscape from a different perspective. I think it is those early memories that pull me back to the water’s edge. Obviously now I am older I can appreciate more the quality of light and subtle colours that reflect off the water at either end of the day, but the love of that scene is the same as it always was.

 Scene from the Water’s Edge is a collection of images taken over approximately six years. The images including the stunning local landscape in and around the East Midlands and also a few special locations from around the UK and Europe. Each image has been taken with a single aim: To portray the peace and beauty that can be found on the edge of the water. Whether it be a still lake or raging sea, there is always something special about being on the water’s edge.

The Book

Book Spec

"Scene From The Water's Edge" is a Handmade A4 Landscape hard cover book with exposed complimentary linen stitching and lined with a luxury Astral fabric. 

48 pages (36 images) 

Includes 4 x Throwout pages

Printed by Paul Heathcote on an Epson 3880

Paper: Fotospeed High White Smooth LT Duo, 225gsm

Binding: Japanese style stitched. Stitched using a luxury 4 ply waxed linen thread

Every book is signed and includes a foreword by Rob Knight (R&K Photographic).

The book is available in standard and collector’s edition options

Slip Case Spec

The collectors edition comes with a hand made slip case, covered with luxury Rayon in pastel blue and lined with a pastel paper.

The Review

I received Paul’s book “Scene From The Water's Edge” on the Tuesday and decided not to open it until the weekend when I could give it the time and attention it deserved, the weekend arrived and upon opening it was immediately obvious how well crafted and how much time and effort had gone into it’s construction.

“Scene From The Water's Edge” had been beautifully packaged and presented with a Signed Print, Handmade Slip Case and Handmade Hard back book.

The Print

The Collectors Edition Included the Print “Reflecting” but I believe you can select any image that you like when ordering.

“Reflecting” is a wonderfully atmospheric Print which works really well on the chosen Fotospeed Smooth Cotton 300 paper.

The Slip Case

The Design, Materials used and Construction are all first class, it feels really solid and the pastel blue Rayon cloth provides a beautiful finish.

The Book

As soon as you handle the book you instantly see the quality and attention to detail and it is obvious the amount of time that has gone into the making of this book.

The A4 Landscape format works really well and the cloth colour of the Book and the Slip Case contrast slightly and work really well together.

The Foreword is written by Rob Knight (R&K Photographic)

Rob has done a wonderful job with the Foreword. It’s thoughtful, eloquent and relevant. The Foreword perfectly introduces the reader to the subject and gives you an insight into the emotional journey that Paul has clearly been through.

The First image in the book is “The Mystery of Cropston” a beautiful panoramic image with vivid colours and mist rising from the water.

There are a further 35 images in the book, a good mix of Sunrises/Sunsets/Long Exposures and Abstract images.

Stand out images are:

Autumn Emerges, Tranquility, Open Arms, Shades of Saltburn and Reflecting.

Paul has included four throwout pages which is a lovely touch.

There are approx. 6 pages of text which help to provide background info and context as you work your way through the book, this information is interesting and engaging and very necessary in such a personal series.

"Scene From The Water's Edge" is a great book, incredibly well made and contains some fantastic images and moving copy.

I would have liked to have seen more use of negative space and I personally would have preferred the throwout pages to contain some larger images.

Print quality is good throughout and the folding and Binding is of a very high standard.

“Scene From The Water's Edge” would look great on anyones bookshelf and is the kind of book you will keep returning to not just for the quality of construction and the beautiful images inside but it also feels very familiar…

Matt Holland "Bannau Brycheiniog"

Matt Holland tells his story of multiple visits to the UK National Park, Brecon Beacons in South Wales.

The Brecon Beacons is somewhere I’ve only been a few times on expedition, but this has only been leading groups of teenagers and ensuring they are safe out in the mountains, so I’ve had little to no time to enjoy the vast mountain range and scenery the national park has to offer.

So, in 2018 I decided to make use of my weekends and head over to the park on a series of weekends and explore different regions and enjoy what the park has to offer. With the Brecon Beacons being my closest mountain range at 150 miles it’s easy for me to travel down on a Friday after work and enjoy the outdoors with the odd trip down to the Gower.

Over the past 9 weeks I’ve climbed mountains, been sun burnt, soaked to the bone, cold, hot, wet, swimming, bitten, blood, no tears, mud and much more and loved every moment despite poor weather, extreme heat and an average of 3 hours sleep on the weekends.

One of the main opportunities I wanted to take advantage of was the Dark Sky status and improve upon my astrophotography. Capturing the Milky way, Mars, Perseid Meteors and bioluminescent plankton.

Here is a collection of my trips to the Brecon Beacons with each trip bringing something very different from the last.

All images & text Copyright © Matt Holland

You can see more of Matt's adventures here:


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Ross Brown "Above Landmannalaugar"

The Landmannalaugar region, in the Central Highlands of Iceland, is characterised by low mountains and meandering rivers in U shaped valleys. The area is relatively young from a geological point of view and typifies the volcanic nature of Iceland. The mountains are predominately made of Rhyolite, a type of igneous rock with a wide ranging colour palate of red, brown and orange. In winter much of the area is inaccessible and covered by snow and ice. As this starts to melt in late spring, the colours of the mountains are gradually revealed, interspersed by patches of white. Viewed from above, abstract patterns are unveiled particularly where swathes of snow are coloured by ash.

This portfolio was photographed from a helicopter during 2 trips in different years in late June. During the first trip, dappled light brought out the wonderful tones of rhyolite. The snow was predominantly on higher slopes and reflected light created a contrast of blue on the valley floor. During the second trip, after a harsher winter, the landscape had a more minimalist feel with moody light and softer tones.


All images & text Copyright © Ross Brown

Huge thanks to Ross for being our first featured Journal entry

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