Kozu Studio

We don't just produce our own books, we help lots of people self publish their own Photobooks, both small and Large format, Soft bound & Case bound, Digital & Litho.

We are happy to share our extensive Print knowledge and experience (Four Generations) with you by offering the following services:

Drum Scanning

We use industry experts who have been preparing images for print for many years, seasoned experts who have worked with some of the greatest Photographers in the world.

Paper Consultancy

Paper selection is crucial to producing a quality Photobook.

There are many different types of Paper and a variety of different weights for each type of Paper, it can be a real minefield as certain weights are not suited to certain Binding techniques.

We can advise on specific Papers for specific Photobooks, certain projects will naturally be more suited to a Coated Paper and others would be more suited to a beautifully tactile Uncoated Paper. We can help you select the the best paper for your images and to suit your budget.

Paper/Book Dummy sample service

We can arrange for Paper samples and Plain Dummy books for you, these will help you select your Paper and finish.

Print Consultancy

Photobook production can be a daunting task to undertake, costs can be extremely high! We can advise on the many areas that could potentially reduce the cost of your Photobook without compromising on the quality.

We can also advise on the various special finishes that are available to you.

Photobook Design

We can help you with the Design and sequencing of your Photobooks.


You may be a great designer and know exactly how you want your Photobook Design to look BUT you may not know how to create the final Print ready PDF.. This is an area that can potentially end up costing you an awful lot of money because if your final artwork has not been set up correctly then your finished books will not be how you envisaged.

We can handle the Artworking side of things for you.


Hi Res Certified Colour Proofing to Fogra standards available for Coated & Uncoated Papers, utilising the latest Kodak technology.

Wet Proofing Available


We can advise on the best process/processes for your specific Photobook

Litho: Heidelberg XL75-5-L Press

Digital: HP Indigo Technology


There are many finishing options available to you, we can advise you on all of these along with the different styles of Binding that are available.

Sales & Distribution

We can share our experience of setting up a sales and distribution channel to get your beautiful Photobook in front of people!

You may not require all of the above services so they are all available on their own or as part of one project, please contact us for more information and pricing.

We naturally do the majority of the above for most Photobooks that we produce for people but some are extras depending on your needs and expectations.

Get in touch if you have any questions!